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How to learn to manage expectations

How to learn to manage expectations

I remember when I was pregnant with George, I was making plans for my friends' visit when George would be 8 weeks old. I told my friend I wanted to drink wine, go to the beach, and eat all of the soft cheeses my little heart desired. I imagined my husband taking care of my infant son all day while I bathed in the sun, showing off my fit new post-partum body. Needless to say I was living in a fantasy world. I never realized I would be breastfeeding my child who would not be taking a bottle by 8 weeks, meaning I couldn't leave. Or if I did, he would be starving and my boobs would be engorged - what fun! Also, I had barely managed to go for long walks (alone) and I had yet to leave my son alone for an hour. This is when I slowly started to learn that motherhood is about managing expectations. Some of this was on me and some of this was just our new way of life.

These are photos from my friends' visit at 8 weeks. I'll let you be the judge if we look beach ready...

I am happy to report these days (two years later) I have managed a bit more free time. George is on solids and I could feasibly go on a trip to the beach all day, drink wine and eat soft cheeses. I have yet to do so, but luckily my husband has let me escape a few times on my own. This mother's day I managed my expectations and it exceeded them. Between a heavenly strawberry cake (recipe from Feasting at Home), coffee in bed, a morning hike, a little art time, and a nice glass of wine, I found it to be quite the day. I couldn't imagine my days any differently balancing between chasing a toddler, cleaning cooking, drawing, working and spending time the man who has stuck by my side during this entire adventure. Cheers to parenthood!

 Whoever came up with breakfast cake is a genius. Recipe  here .

Whoever came up with breakfast cake is a genius. Recipe here.

Pump it up!

Pump it up!