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I am working on sketches I did during a recent trip to Boston. I was lucky enough to make the trip back on my own and see some familiar faces and places. Staying in Cambridge I had a chance to appreciate the architecture of Harvard and the surrounding area. I also had a chance to indulge in a cup of coffee, pastry and a book...a book without police cars, little blue trucks, or baby bears. Although I'd by lying if I didn't say I miss those sweet additions to my meals.

Landing at Logan provides one of my one of my favorite scenes are the small beach houses dotting the landscape at Winthrop, although slightly terrifying wondering if the pilot is going to make the runway. We ended up sharing a lot of memories in Winthrop including celebrating our good friends' wedding (oh how rested we look pre-kids), a beach day before our wedding, and lots of trips in and out of Boston.

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