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Crafty Caterpillars

Crafty Caterpillars

I decided to take on another toddler craft project, like any good mother would do for their son's second birthday. Thanks to the inspiring post by Purple Twig I got the nifty idea to make stuffed caterpillars. Shortly after I got the idea, we encountered a real caterpillar on our hike and I learned my son has an extreme fear of creepy crawly insects. None the less, we persevered and created the crafty caterpillars. 


  • Socks 
  • Colorful buttons, cotton balls and other fun decorations 
  • Mixed fabric 
  • Buttons 
  • Fabric Glue 
  • Scissors 

These caterpillars are easier than I anticipated and the little ones might have done a better job than I did on my test run. All you need is a sock, stuffing, pieces of fabric, buttons and yarn.

1. Start by stuffing the caterpillar aka your sock and then tying it off. If you are going to go crazy on the decorations, I recommend a neutral colored sock. Some of the socks I cut short since they were a little long.

2. After that, you can glue fabric and buttons (or whatever you like!) to decorate. I cut up scraps of fabric to decorate and buttons for the eyes. 


3. The final step is to wrap it in some colorful yarn to secure decorations and a final touch of color. Most of the kids that tackled this project were 4+. Combined with a book exchange and some brews for the parents, all in all, in was a great birthday.

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