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Quick tips to getting creative after a baby

Quick tips to getting creative after a baby


Getting creative again after a baby looks a lot different. You don't have the leisure time to set up all of your supplies and take your time to create. Read more from one of our Creative Mamas, Andrea, who talks about this more in depth. If you need some quick tips on how to get back in drawing, painting or sketching after a baby, read below! 

If you need some extra inspiration, I like Emily K. Neuburger's book, Journal Sparks. It has small ideas to get your creative juices going and it is easy to use. From drawing a map of your day or creative your own small people out of paint blobs, it is more fun than trying to rack your brain for what to draw. 

Drawing pencils: 

I am cheesy and like these from Chronicle Books. They are fun and colorful so sometimes inspire me to do something.


Drawing pens: 

I usually use these drawing pens in a fine point, if I draw first. Sometimes I go straight to watercolors, but these pens provide a nice layer and something different. Plus you can throw on in your purse or your diaper bag. If baby takes a nap in the stroller and you can stop, it gives you a quick chance to do some sketching. 

Watercolor markers:

Below are markers that you can draw with and then add water and blend like watercolors. I really like them because they are easier to carry with you, if you want to be out and sketching. When you get home you can just get out a cup of water/paintbrush and continue working. 

1. I haven't used these but want to try them: 

2. I use this brand and like them:

Once your little one gets a little older, you can start getting creative with them, whether it is creating a piece together, decorating cards or just coloring. Until then, give yourself the flexibility to create when you can and what you can. The more relaxed you are the better the outcome. Good luck and happy drawing! 

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