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A Rosy Outlook

A Rosy Outlook

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Stacy Kraus McDonald

A Rosy Outlook

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When I first sent out an e-mail to my friends about my “new blog” I was starting, I was lucky to be introduced to Stacy - A Rosy Outlook. Since then I have followed her on Instagram and have been amazed how she somehow raises two little ones, continuously creates, and even makes time to take care of herself. She makes darling clothes, bibs, stuffed animals, and burp clothes for little ones that are personalized and a little funky. Check out her Etsy shop if you are looking for the perfect baby gift. She recently started getting into the world of hand lettering and exploring other crafty methods. Read about how she stays creative and continues to challenge herself. 

Bibs, burp clothes and onesies, oh my!

Currently, I am working a few different projects. I am working on bibs, burp cloths, and onesies to fulfill orders for customers. I both embroider or appliqué the fabric and sew the bibs. One of the orders is heavy with monograms, which I just adore. 

I have also been putting together the winter holiday kids craft kits, a new offering of mine. I always test these with my son first and he loved this one! He’s been asking to make another so we will be doing that soon. 

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Appliqué yourself. 

Lately, I’ve been trying to work applique into as many projects as I can. My embroidery machine is a little over a year old so I’m still learning everything. As a stay at home mom, it’s a great way to incorporate new challenges into my life. Plus, I get some beautiful results! 

I’ve also been teaching myself hand lettering. I set a goal for myself of practicing at least 3 times a week in an effort to keep getting better. I also follow a bunch of hand lettering peeps on Instagram which has really helped me to elevate my work. I’ve been pretty proud of a few of the things I’ve produced. I sell some of the notecards I make in my shop and have done a few larger scale commissioned pieces. 

Little people. 

My own kids inspire me. Since having kids, I know better what little people need. I have been making a lot of bib and burp cloth sets. I also have made a number of stuffies – mostly elephants and giraffes – for friends and family member’s kiddos. My next challenge is to try some tooth fairy pillows, as I’ve heard from friends that they struggle with finding cute ones! 

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Make the time. 

As a mom, I find it essential to carve out a little creative work each day. It fills my bucket so to speak. I’m also better at using any downtime to create rather than just waiting for a big chunk of time. 

Photos above by Shannon Collins Photography

Just do it. 

Just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to start. And we all get better with practice! 

Let creativity take over

I’m so blessed that our guest room is also my creative space. I have the ability to spread out, dig out fabrics, leave the ironing board up, and just “visually organize” everything. It really helps me to see everything. I’ve walked in there without an idea of what project to work on and just let my creativity take over. Even if you have more limited space, I say just get going. Once you start painting, sewing, or hand lettering something the juices will get going!

One day all on your own. 

After wandering around Target (dollar bin gives me life!) with my requisite cup of Starbucks, I’d probably come home to do something crafty. I love sewing clothes for myself, embroidering items for my kids, and practicing my watercolors and hand lettering. And, let’s be real – I’d probably take a nap. What mom doesn’t need that? 


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