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A New Perspective

A New Perspective

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Jess Ryan

Jess' story hits close to home for me for several reasons. First, she was a Fine Arts major; second, she works in higher education; and third...we share the same name, so excuse me if I am a little biased. Her story probably resonates with you, too. Many moms I have connected with share  that after the arrival of their baby, they had a new spark and drive to be creative. Jess shares her story of how her little one and the world around her continues to inspire her to make and create. Juggling a full time job, motherhood, and her own business isn't an easy task but it is certainly refreshing and inspiring!  Her creations are adorable but still have a refined touch so they are perfect for your little ones' playroom or even a guest room. Good news is she has her own Etsy shop and is taking custom orders! If you are looking for some creative inspiration, follow her on Pinterest and read her story below.

Tell us about what you are working on these days.

Custom decorations and gifts for friends homes, children's rooms, and campus housing.

I have recently been inspired by my son’s love for animals and have created some animal paintings for his playroom which also doubles as a guest room. The paintings are playful while also mature in order to meet the dual purposes of the room.

The holidays are always a favorite time of year for me. Rearranging the home and pulling out decorations gives me a new perspective on the design of my space. This year, I started making some fabric pumpkins for fall. Pulling out all the fun fabrics and getting some good use out of my sewing machine was fun. The sewing machine was a gift when I was pregnant so I could make a bunch of things for my son. There is only so many burp cloths, maternity wear, pillows, and blankets you can make for yourself before you start making things for others.

My state paintings were inspired by my work and I love creating ones to represent different colleges and greek lettered organizations.

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All of my work is handmade, almost everything is customized and I work closely with the customer throughout the process of ideas, proofs, and creation.

Each activity makes me think of something beautiful that could be added to my home and others based on things we love.

Daily inspirations.

I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, which led me to study Fine Arts in college. Through my involvement with my Sorority, I found an alternate full time career but I have kept up my art through home decorating, sorority and child related paintings.  A lot of my inspiration comes from my daily life. Whether it is walking through a beautiful university campus, seeing the promo items at a fraternity/sorority conference, needing a better use of space in my house, or play time with my son. Each activity makes me think of something beautiful that could be added to my home and others based on things we love.

A different perspective.

Being a mother has improved my creativity because when I play with my son, my mind is thinking of unconventional ways of seeing the world. He has inspired my paintings, made them more fun, colorful, and good for any room. Preparing for him to come into the family is the reason I started selling my work and gave me more reasons to create. Creating things rather than buying new helps lower costs and every bit I sell helps make ends meet for the expensive daycare costs.

Preparing for him to come into the family is the reason I started selling my work and gave me more reasons to create.

Get creative.

Tinker like your children do! Just playing with things and trying to make something new can bring out your creative juices. Find a friend, join a class, creating with others is more fun!

In the zone.

I love putting on some music with great lyrics and getting into the zone. Whether it's nap time or after bedtime, I head into my crafting space and lay out all the supplies. Prepping my area makes all the difference. This was my process in college when I was studying Fine Arts and allows me to get fully in the zone and knock out a project over several hours.  

Building together.

I get my energy from other people so being alone isn’t really my preference, however if I had a day with friends or my husband without kids, I would build something together. Some of my favorite things I have done with my husband or friends was making something whether at home, in a class, volunteering, or for fun. I am looking forward to the day when we own our own home and can do a ton of projects.

Customs orders

I take custom requests all the time. I don’t put everything out on etsy but if there is a project that someone has an idea for I would love to help them come to life.

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