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Keepin' It Fresh

Keepin' It Fresh

Olivia Aguirre

The 350 Bakeshop

If you scan the photos below of the amazing fresh baked goods made by Olivia Aguirre, you would find it hard to believe that not that long ago she was baking straight from a box. We have all been there and Olivia agrees there is nothing wrong with it. Her son was her original inspiration to bake cupcakes from scratch for his first birthday. Since then, her creations have grown into their own artwork - back to images below. Yup - those are not from a box. Olivia keeps it real describing her first foray into baking as "kind of sucked" and tells us she has learned that she finds inspiration from all around, not just her little man. She also practices her 90's rap skills to get in the zone, so obviously she runs the best bake shop around. Read her story below and make sure to connect with her via Instagram and Facebook. If you are lucky enough to live in or near Fresno, then you better make that order. Or maybe she can be convinced to ship long distances...mmm. Enjoy!

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Tell us about what you are working on.

I run a home bakery making sweet treats. I use only local produce and 90% of my menu has NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. I try very hard to avoid any extra additives and preservatives to my treats. Every jam, fruit filling and sauce is made by me and every item is made to order. Basically, I like to keep it fresh! I am very aware that shopping small and local can take a little extra time and money, so I am always so appreciative to all new and repeat customers! The fact that my hobby, that turned into my passion was able to be turned into a business is the most amazing thing of all!

Who are you making it with?

Me, Myself and I…plus local vendors who I buy tags, packaging and produce from! Got to shop local! And when I’m up at 3 am packaging cookies, my family kicks in some free labor.

Creating something from nothing

I never baked anything from scratch before I had my son. Boxed brownies were the extent, which BTW are crazy good =) When he turned 1, I made him these cupcakes I saw in a magazine that used Starburst as presents on them. At the time, I was super impressed with myself, looking back they kind of sucked. But the feeling of creating something from nothing was exhilarating. I looked at my son eating that ugly cupcake thinking ‘I made that’. And that feeling of making it and then seeing people enjoy it is like an addiction. I visit bakeries all over and read books and see fresh fruits and fresh flowers and immediately my mind starts thinking what I can bake with it. Early on my inspiration came from my son but as the years have passed I am inspired by anything.

A little bit of patience and a little bit of Pinterest

Totally changed it! As in, I got a creative spirit. Seriously, not a ton going on before my son. Once I had him though it was like the flood gates opened. My patience level changed immensely too. Failing at that first cupcake wasn’t as upsetting and frustrating as it would have been before I had my son. That was also around the time PINTEREST came to be sooooooooo. j/k

Be true to yourself.

Try everything! See what your friends are doing. Troll Instagram and Pinterest and Magazines…Creativity comes in many forms. Unless it brings you joy though, don’t do it. Being a mom who wants hustle there craft, joy is a KEY factor.

Get Creative.

1.      Music…specifically 90’s Rap. And then rapping as if I am legit =)

2.      Wandering Michael's Craft Store with a Diet Pepsi in hand and no child. Sorry Sam ( my sons name)

3.      Surfing Instagram. There are so many creative people out there, you can’t help but be inspired.

If you had a day to be all on your own, what would you do?

Sleep in, obviously! Eat some pizza for lunch with only topping I love,  bake some cookies for myself (not an order) and then watch the best movie ever, SPACE BALLS!!!!!

Anything else you want to tell us?

I love what I do. I also love being a mom and without that MOM part, I am not 100% sure I would have found baking. It’s all about balance and lots of caffeine.


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