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Combining Passions

Combining Passions

Heather Sydnor

Art by Heather Lynne

Heather Sydnor (pictured above) says becoming a mother allowed her to be bold and pursue her passion of art while still helping others. Heather balances taking care of her son, Isaiah, full time (photo below) and creating amazing hand lettered pieces, which you can admire on Instagram and even place a custom order on Etsy. Heather's path to where she is today combines her passion to help others, inspire, and create artwork that sometimes makes you think and sometimes makes you laugh. Previously working as a social worker and providing mental health therapy to children gave her the opportunity to also help women who were struggling with overwhelming role of motherhood. These experiences still play a role in her business today. Her story of how she took a chance and launched her own art lettering business will be sure to inspire you.

Check on Art by Heather Lynne on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and her soon to be launched website. If you are interested in connecting with Heather, feel free to send her an e-mail.

Tell us what you are working on.

Lately I have been getting more custom orders, which I absolutely love doing. Custom hand lettering gives me the chance to really connect with a customer as the customer typically shares some of the story behind the piece that they want created.

When I launch my website I have some new nursery prints that I am so excited about! These prints are meant to empower and encourage mamas and their little ones. “You are my rainbow after the storm” and “For this child I prayed” are especially close to my heart since they were inspired by my experience miscarrying our second baby and praying for our next one who will be here in September.

Encourage and Empower

Before I started staying home with my son, I was a social worker who provided mental health therapy to children. In this work, I partnered a lot with moms who were often feeling discouraged or overwhelmed in motherhood and life. As my business developed, I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for art with my passion for empowering women and children. So my inspiration really lies in that. I hope my work can leave you feeling refreshed and absolutely capable of what life has for you. I love to laugh and I love to share in deep conversations. I want my art to reflect both the serious and the funny moments in life.

Parenting is Hard...

Becoming a mom gave my creativity direction. I am creating pieces now that have so much more meaning behind them than they would if I wasn’t experiencing motherhood. Parenting is hard but I can now use my art to process the ups and downs and to relate to other mamas.

Time is of the essence

Make time for it! I used to push my art to the side so quickly when life got busy but my husband has always encouraged me to find time for it. Since I stay home with my son, having something that I do that is just mine is extremely important. For me, my hand lettering art business is that. If you want to use your creativity, then you have to make time for it. Talk to your partner and make a real plan about when that can be and ask to be held accountable for using that time for your hobby.

Peace and Quiet

When I was a teenager I used to go in my little art space in my dad’s workshop and blast music while I painted. Now that I have a super talkative two year old, I honestly just like peace and quiet when I am working! If I know I have a good chunk of time I like to fix a cup of tea, clear off my usually messy art table and paint there. I also do a lot of sketching and drafts from my bed because the perks of working from home include working in sweatpants on your bed.

Sleep, sand and swim

I love to travel and I love to sleep! If I had a day to myself I’d probably just head to the beach and fall asleep on a towel in the sand. I’d have to bring my best friend with me though because I don’t really like to be by myself all day and at some point I’d want someone to swim with and talk with me about adult things, not what just happened in Little Eisnteins.

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