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Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Hi folks. I am happy to say I have had a positive response so far in regards to my new "blog." There are a few questions of how this will all work, so let me explain. My goal is to highlight mothers and their creative spirit. That means you could be into baking, crafting, painting, lettering, furniture making, random toddler crafts, finger painting, public art, home decor, etc. Creativity does not need to be defined in the traditional sense and you don't need to be a professional. Sometimes we get wrapped up in shining the light on our little ones, so this is a chance for you to get a piece of that spotlight. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail or fill out our contact form. Don't be shy!

I am happy to say our first creative mama will be coming up soon - Ms. Kate from Artifact. Based in Lawrence, KS, these ladies put together a super eclectic mix of new and vintage items that they put a little love into and then send off into the world. Here is a sneak peek. You'll be wishing you lived in Kansas...

While you are waiting on the full story of how Kate and her friends put together such awesome decor, check out some my favorite Instagram accounts. These women happen to be super creative and manage mothering at the same time. Maybe it will inspire you to get to work or maybe it will provide you some eye candy into between the chaos.

@artbarblog is basically living my dream - being creative 24/7. Bar Rucci is one of my favorites - check out the website and sign up for the newsletter. I have high hopes of utilizing her book to create a perfect art nook for my son and of course myself.

Cig Harvey (whose work is shown above - and more on her site) is a professional artist and a mother. Highlighted in a 2015 NYTimes article titled "Why can't great artists be mothers?" , Cig's pieces are almost dream like and sure to inspire. Plus her name is Cig Harvey and she lives in Maine - do you need more reasons to follow her on IG?

If you are looking to get creative in the kitchen, you should be following Aleyda from @thedishonhealthy We have made more than one of her recipes - they aren't super complicated, they are healthy and always delicious. You can thank me (or her) later.

When I first started following @artpantry, Megan was traveling around the country with her family in an Airstream trailer. Disclaimer - I think her kids are over the age of two and seemed well behaved. Regardless, come to find out she also shares her magic in setting up art spaces on her website.

From what I can tell Kelly Mindell from @studiodiy is a new mom so God bless her. Her creative juju will likely inspire you to create something bursting with color.

Since I am encouraging other moms to brag about themselves, I better drink my own Kool-Aid. If you are wanting to check out some of the artwork I create on a partially regular basis or keep up on the blog, feel free to follow me at @lilmasterpieces Everyone now and then you will get a quick glimpse of my son who is super cute and a little weird. 

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